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Weak Property Market Bleed Agencies

Weak Property Market Bleed Agencies may affect Tampines New Condo by MCC Land

Over the past 12 months to March 31st of 2015, close to 140 real estate agencies have had to close up shop, with more than 3,000 property agents quitting this industry during that time frame. Industry players have felt the toll being taken in a MCC Land Tampines Tender property market that continues to be sluggish.

The top dogs or the Tampines Ave 10 New Condo best agencies were interviewed and have shared that they are expecting there to be even more losses with agents continuing to give in during the current renewal of the Council for Estate Agencies period of licensing that runs from October through December in The Alps Residences.

MCC Tampines Avenue 10 Condo

In the latest of the Tampines MCC Land Condo CEA annual reports for the fiscal year that ended on the 31st of March 2015, it was shown that 1,654 new sales agents had come into the industry during the 12 month period. However, there was still a drop to 32,006 in the number of sales agents registered at the end of March from the 33,498 figure seen this time last year. This indicates that 3,146 have chosen to leave this sector for Tender for Tampines Ave 10 MCC Land. Even with there being 109 newly formed property agencies, there was a fall in the total number from 1,449 to 1,422, giving a 136 loss of property agencies in total.

MCC Land Tampines Tender

One property expert shared that things will probably not be booming 6 to 12 months from now with there being an accumulation of completed residential non-landed units for new condo in tampines, as well as those unsold. Adding to this is the tighter access available to borrowing and the rise in interest rates for MCC Tampines Condo.

It has also been noticed that both the industrial and commercial property sectors are feeling this slowdown, making the real estate industry in MCC Tampines Avenue 10 Condo less appealing for those looking to make money in this profession.

Also noted was that, on average, the time it now takes to close a transaction has doubled in comparison to about 3 to 4 years back despite the double effects of a larger supply and and much weaker demand for Tampines Ave 10 Condo.

Tampines Ave 10 New Condo

For those agents that work full time and have had training in understanding how the market rises and falls, it may be a bit easier for them to adapt while adding value to their customers. However, those agents who have chosen not to be retrained, and who are struggling to get their deals closed in the usual expected shorter period of time, are going to find it very hard to earn an income that will keep up with their commitments.

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