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The Alps Residences Tampines Temasek Polytechnic School by MCC Land

Temasek Polytechnic located in Tampines, Singapore is a post-secondary institution, which was the third to be established in Singapore. After graduating from Temasek, some of the graduates near The Alps Residences by MCC Land are hunted for related work while others go to attain degrees in the Universities. Polytechnics in Singapore admit a large number of students after middle school level unlike polytechnics in U.S and UK. The school was proven on 6th April 1990, and it covers an area of a 30-hectare plot after Bedok Reservoir to the Eastern region of Singapore.

The Alps Residences MCC Land near to Temasek Polytechnic

It was declared as the third polytechnic to be established on June the year 1989 by Dr. Tony T. who was then the Minister of Education and on April 1990, it had an enrollment of seven hundred and thirty-five students. The institute initially set up at Baharuddin Occupational Institute’s Buildings at Stirling Road; and the evacuated premises of Raffles Institute at Grange Road. And due to an upsurge in admission and spring of new courses, three additional campuses at Seng, Mera and Portsdown Road were developed to accommodate the population of both staff and learners in the Institute.

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In September 1995 the institution moved to a permanent premise, where the campus is located up to date. From 2012 to present, Temasek Polytechnic at The Alps Residences Tampines Street 86 endured a logo design, sporting a fresh brand look to replicate the vitality of the college. Foyer logo was constructed right from the year 2010 and was finalized in the year 2013.

With the help of mentorship from industry experts, students can anticipate practical hands-on drill in several areas of Cyber Security like security operations, digital forensics, and networking. Temasek Polytechnic has two established Security Operations Hubs in connotation with RSA and IBM. Digital Security, Senior Cyber, and Forensic students are required to complete diploma courses and after that work on security schemes together with specialists from RSA and IBM. Students are also provided with an opportunity to outshine in a setting armed with technological developments in IT safety and analytics by the RSA Security Operations Centre.

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Temasek Polytechnic near The Alps Residences is an educational institution which offers full-time Diploma courses, 48 of them and they include; Business, Design, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Information Technology and Informatics and academic schools sum up to six.

The Polytechnic was designed by James Stirling, an architect with 61 lecture theaters, canteens, laboratories, halls, Convention Centre arena, extensive library, sporting conveniences and training facilities, food outlets like cafes and food court.