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Temasek Polytechnic near Alps Residences Tampines

Temasek Polytechnic near Alps Residences Tampines Ave 10 Condo. Convenience at your doorstep for Alps Residences Condo Owners

On Monday, July 27th, Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Informatics & IT erected an IT Security & Forensics hub to assess in the number of trained cyber security specialists.

The new facility at Temasek Polytechnic (TP) was launched by Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, the Minister for Communications & Information and Minister-in-Charge of Cyber Security.

The hub is dedicated to the growth of professional cyber security. Dr. Yaacob was pleased with the timing of the opening in conjunction with the current influx of connectivity and number of various cybercrimes, which led Dr. Yaacob to state the importance of cyber security in Singapore.

Temasek Polytechnic near Tampines Condo

Dr. Yaacob was quoted, saying, “There will be a need to produce a sufficient pool of cyber security professionals to support a growing cyber security industry. Practitioners will also need to upgrade their skills to deal with threats of growing sophistication. And this is an area where the institutes of higher learning, such as our polytechnics and university, play an important role.”

Students – with the help of a mentorship from industry specialists – can expect applied hands-on training in various areas of cyber security, such as IT networking, digital forensics, and security operations.

Temasek Polytechnic has two established Security Operations Centres in association with IBM and RSA. Senior Cyber & Digital Security and Digital Forensics students will complete diploma courses and work on security projects alongside professionals from both IBM and RSA. In July, the first group of interns began working at the TP-IBM Security Operations Centre, taking on different aspects of cyber security, including alerting analysts and incident responders.

Tampines Ave 10 Temasek Polytechnic

TP-RSA Security Operations Centre will also provide students with an opportunity to excel in an environment equipped with technological advances in IT security and analytics.

Tanujah Swaminathan, a 19 year old student at TP said, “A major project group upstairs were working with the router and a Raspberry Pi,” the third-year student explained further, “Raspberry Pi is a small computer, a mini computer. When they plug the router with the access point, there was a connection with the servers in China, with some malware going on with the Raspberry Pi. So, all of us got really excited to experience this real-life thing.”

TP accepts around 100 students per year into its Cyber & Digital Security and Digital Forensics courses – about 50-60 from the Cyber and Digital Security course and 40-50 from Digital Forensics.

Oh Chin Lock, the Deputy Director of Capability & Industry Development at the School of Informatics & IT said, “Apart from having a classroom environment, this hub actually makes it a really operational environment. So, students are dealing with real issues, monitoring real networks, and they are dealing with real customers as well.”

Beginning in October, TP will be offering a Specialist Diploma in Information Security & Forensics for working adults. Participating adults will be trained in investigation and management of security incidents.

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