The Alps Residences – Tampines Ave 10 New Launch Condo by MCC Land

The Alps Residence – Tampines Ave 10 New Launch Condo by MCC Land. Register for Showflat and Preview Here

Tampines Town at Tampines Ave 10

Tampines Town at Tampines Ave 10. New Town Amenities for the residents to use

Tampines Town, situated in the eastern part of the mainland, is regarded as the largest residential area in Singapore. The town received its nomenclature from the ironwood tree, typically referred to as the Tempinis Tree.

Tampines Town was a centre for military training until around 1987, completed and covered with forests, swamps and sand quarries. The most prominent of the forest was the Tempinis, thus granting the name.

Tampines Town near Tampines Ave 10

The name can be traced back to 1828, on the Franklin and Jackson map. Aside from the name of the tree that inhabited the city-state, it is named after Sungei Tampenus, also getting its name from the tree. Tampines Road, the current oldest street in the area, dates back to 1864, when it was originally a cart tract. Then, at the turn of the century, Tampines Town became a rubber plantation. Among the plantations were Teo Tek Ho and Hun Yeang estates.

As with most districts in Singapore, Tampines Town is densely populated, actually being the most populated housing estates in the city-state.

The new Tampines Town began officially in 1978, constructing Neighborhoods 1 and 2, though it took about 9 years to complete, despite the high priority. The neighborhoods were not built in chronological order, as Neighborhoods 8 and 9 were developed next in line, from 1985 to 1989. In 1989, Neighborhood 5 was also completed. Neighborhood 4’s construction ended with Tampines North Division between 1986 and 1988. Because of Tampines Town’s rapid expansion and population, it was divided into Tampines East, West, North and Changkat.

The Alps Residences Condo Tampines Town

‘Tampines North’ and ‘Tampines South’ were part of the Singapore MRT plans since the inception. They were respectively renamed in 1985 to Tampines and Simei.

New methods of construction were exercised from the town’s infrastructure. New and attractive designs and colours adorned Tampines Town, as opposed to its earlier appearance – uniform concrete and monotonous aesthetic with all concern with function and little with the look.

The construction was managed by The Housing and Development Board until 1991. The HDB then handed the rest to The Town Council, run typically by the residents themselves.

On October 5th, 1992, Tampines received the World Habitat Award from The Building and Social Housing Foundation (or BSHF) of The United Nations as a representative of Singapore’s new towns. Tampines was recognized for outstanding contribution towards human development and settlement.

Tampines Town New Condo

Neighborhoods 3 and 7 were finished in 1997. The constituencies then included the new Tampines Central Division. The construction came to a halt until 2010 when the development of Tampines Central began. This included The Premiere @ Tampines, Tampines GreenLeaf, Centrale 8, Tampines Trilliant and CityLife @ Tampines. Also included were leftover residential developments with Tampines GreenTerrace, Arc @ Tampines, Q Bay Residences and The Santorini.

Tampines North New Town or Neighborhood 6’s construction was announced at the end of November, 2014. They began construction on Tampines GreenRidges, the first Built-To-Order flat. This is the first phase of development of the Tampines North New Town’s Park West District.

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