The Alps Residences – Tampines Ave 10 New Launch Condo by MCC Land

The Alps Residence – Tampines Ave 10 New Launch Condo by MCC Land. Register for Showflat and Preview Here

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New Launch Condo for Tampines Home Buyers by MCC Land

Discounts can sometimes assist developers in drawing in buyers during a market that is depressed. However, on analyst pointed out that it can also backfire, because discounts can eventually lead to a price war, something that is of no benefit to developers.

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Price wars lead to a developer for The Alps Residences Tampines Ave 10 making much smaller earnings. As a result, a developers branding can be affected, causing MCC Land Tampines Tender buyers to see that developer as one who will more than likely offer a discount, and so they hold back on making a purchase in the hopes that a discount will be offered if they wait long enough.

There are developers whose efforts seem to be working as they try differentiate between their properties on the Tampines Ave 10 New Condo market, such as Westwood and High Park.

Tampines Avenue 10 New Condo by MCC Land

Another MCC Tampines Condo homebuyer, 32 year old accountant, Mr. Xing Lei, shared that he has purchased a MCC Tampines Condo unit for his parents at High Park because it is close to his present flat. But what he found most attractive was the entire package the MCC Tampines Avenue 10 Condo location, pricing, facilities and free lifestyle classes.

Both of these shop-houses in Tanjong Pagar are commercially zoned for use under the present Master Plan, which means that Tampines Condo foreign ownership is not restricted on these two properties. Therefore, there will not be a Seller’s Stamp Duty, nor an Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty to be imposed on the shop-houses when purchased.

One marketing agent for MCC Land Tampines Tender pointed out that, these two shop-houses present end users and investor alike, who are looking for peak commercially zoned shop-houses, a very exciting chance and an exceptional opportunity with this rare availability of Tampines Condo two properties that offer distinguished attributes.

The Alps Residences Review

Close to 78% of High Park’s 1,390 units have been picked up at an average price of $989 per square foot during its first sale weekend alone.

At The Brownstone Executive Condo, a 638 unit project located on Canberra Drive, 30% of the units were sold by developers during its first weekend of last month’s launch for an average price of $810 per square foot. A skating rink is just one of the facilities that The Brownstone has to offer by its developers, City Development LTD.

At Westwood Residences’ first booking day in May, ¼ of the projects 480 units were picked up by buyers for an average price of $783 per square foot. High Park is being marketed by Huttons, whose senior marketing director, Mr. Ken Taguchi, stated that he felt the market had not seen anything like what they have offered so far.